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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Late update of Christmas Celebration

24th December 2010 ;
Christmas eve party @ my house

Altho my family ain't Christian but we celebrate Christmas every year if not mistaken.
We had BBQ party at our house, invited my relatives to celebrate this joyful event.
My family love gathering and party, especially my dad. So yeah (:

*preparing the foods*

Broccoli! My favourite.

Brother & girlfriend




yours truly & sister

Oh fishy!

girlfriend & meeee

The love birds again.

Uncle & grandma

cute little cousin. she is shy (:


25th December 2010 ;
Christmas & Leong Hooi's Birthday Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid

It's Christmas! :D
On 00:00am sharp, I wished baby happy birthday! wootss.
It was a memorable day. The day I am officially his girl. Lols.
He was nervous when proposing to me. *shoooo cute*
We went Pasta Zanmai for lunch & Haagen-Dazs for dessert.
He pampers me, a lot. HEHEHE. I love you!

At Pasta Zanmai,

Baby's Unagi rice. He said it doesn't taste good, made him no appetite.

Mine! I don't know what it is. haha. Not bad lah.

Tiramissu. No comment o___o

At Haagen-Dazs,

Boyfie was playing my phone.

*yay :D*

Hi Baby Hi! :D

Happy Birthday Leong Hooi!
Thank you Lord for bringing him to this world on this special day.
I'll cherish him everyday. I love you :)


Stay tuned for New Year Eve PARTY @ Avillion Port Dickson (:

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