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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Late update of Christmas Celebration

24th December 2010 ;
Christmas eve party @ my house

Altho my family ain't Christian but we celebrate Christmas every year if not mistaken.
We had BBQ party at our house, invited my relatives to celebrate this joyful event.
My family love gathering and party, especially my dad. So yeah (:

*preparing the foods*

Broccoli! My favourite.

Brother & girlfriend




yours truly & sister

Oh fishy!

girlfriend & meeee

The love birds again.

Uncle & grandma

cute little cousin. she is shy (:


25th December 2010 ;
Christmas & Leong Hooi's Birthday Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid

It's Christmas! :D
On 00:00am sharp, I wished baby happy birthday! wootss.
It was a memorable day. The day I am officially his girl. Lols.
He was nervous when proposing to me. *shoooo cute*
We went Pasta Zanmai for lunch & Haagen-Dazs for dessert.
He pampers me, a lot. HEHEHE. I love you!

At Pasta Zanmai,

Baby's Unagi rice. He said it doesn't taste good, made him no appetite.

Mine! I don't know what it is. haha. Not bad lah.

Tiramissu. No comment o___o

At Haagen-Dazs,

Boyfie was playing my phone.

*yay :D*

Hi Baby Hi! :D

Happy Birthday Leong Hooi!
Thank you Lord for bringing him to this world on this special day.
I'll cherish him everyday. I love you :)


Stay tuned for New Year Eve PARTY @ Avillion Port Dickson (:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's not an ending but where the journey begins ♥

*I'm feeling pink today!*

2010 is going to end very soon (:
What did you do for this one whole year, 365 days?
This year is filled with lots of sweet, bitter and sour memories.
I've grown up both physically and mentally.
Big big thanks for the obstacles in my life, friends and family of mine.
Monday ; 20th December - was CHS Prom night 2010, sorry to say that it was quite boring but still a great night (:
Tuesday ; 21th December - Gathering with LM buddies at yee hliang's house (: Love them loads! Photos can be found in facebook.
Santa Claus is coming to the town yo! & also someone special's birthday :D


Friday, December 17, 2010

Cola worms + sisters = perfection

Happy holiday! :D
I did something utterly retard with my sister.
Let's the photos do the talking.

did you realize this is what you do when you eat gummy worms? (:

TATA! x)

Friday, December 10, 2010




Now most of the fifth formers are living like there's no SPM. (:


Well, there is still Chinese paper for me.

Will study Chinese for the last time in my life.

Of course I do read Chinese newspaper & the most important one,



There is lots of after-spm-plans for me like how others do so.

Hopefully I can realise them one by one ♥

Today was one of the best days in my life with my momma.

Went Pavilion KL with her. She has passion in photography too.

Took photographs with the Christmas deco (Y)! *santa claus is coming to the town!*

Shopping! bought my prom dress & shoes &



After that, dinner @ Sakae Sushi.

Too bad didn't manage to grab Mua Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 );

& tyre puncture on the way home -_____-

It's still a good day to me.

Feel much more relax compared to the tension days for 3 weeks.



I love her & she loves me lots too.

Thank you mommy.


Messy hair, eye bags. but, hey! I'm happy (:

Goodnight, God bless you ♥

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terrible drivers I met before.

Well, I suddenly have the inspiration to blog.
Teehee! I have not been updating my blog for such a long time. Miss me not?
I am not supposed to online but I gave myself excuses to take a rest for AWHILE.
Okay, back to topic.

What's the responsiblity of a driver?
- Send his customer home safely without any complaints.
As you see, the title was " Terrible drivers I met before " .
Let's begin from the latest one,

1) A female driver of mine in high school
It happened on last friday. wtf -.- Ruined my good mood after the installation. She is the most idiotic person i have ever seen in my life! Such a shame of female. BOO!
She asked me to walk home! wtf! The reason was, I need to write down that I need to go home with afternoon session on the piece of name list. WHAT THE HECK?! Oh please, I didnt do that before since I was Form3. Why would you want me to do so? What's your problem?! B****! She said it loudly with the LCLY FACE. Fine! When i walked away, she asked me to enter the van. wtf. =___= ! I WAS SUPER DUPER ANGRY! My parents also didn't treat me like this before, WHO ARE YOU? YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO ASK ME WALK HOME FROM PJ! Afterwards I told my mom about this on the phone, she made a phone call to the boss to complain ze b****! We don't know why the boss didn't pick up his phone. So my mom got that b**** number from her friend. My mom just want to know what happened, why would she treats me like this! GUESS WHAT? THAT B**** SAID, " Oh sorry, is your daughter fault for not informing us. I didn't know that your daughter is so stingy." GET F***** ** AT YOUR HOME DON'T COME OUT LA! She even asked my mom not to scold her. UGH. POKE YOUR EYES MAN! In the end she said sorry to my mom. Well, she should say sorry to me too.

She made me damn pissed off. -.-
First time in my life I feel being ashamed by someone. Congratulations. nah -.-

2) One of the driver when I had my vacation in China
Luckily he was paid to be our driver for 2 days. He is a smoker. Got once there was a traffic jam, the scenic zone was located in that area. He couldn't bare with the traffic and he said something not nice to hear. He said, " Why would you guys choose such boring places ? Waste time and waste money! " Wth. We paid him salary, and this is what we get. My mom's friends were really pissed about it. They asked the traveling company to change driver immediately. kuat! LOL.

Conclusion:- Be a nice driver, don't get cursed by others.

That's all I think. Due to the short term memory of mine I could only remember this two so far.

Tata! Miss you (:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When the chocolate melts in your mouth (;

For your information, this is my sister (:

I can't wait to go vacation with my family or friends after SPM. I want to take tons of photos.

My youngest sister was sick since last friday, finally today she is better, stopped vomiting (:

Thank you dear lord. For this moment, I don't want to leave my family.

They are the best to me even though sometimes they are irritating. Haha. I mean my siblings.

Parents nag us for our own good but this is what child always does, IGNORE!

I love you :]

I never say this to my family before. Maybe when I was young I did?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

女人一定要经得起谎言,受得起敷衍,忍得住欺骗,忘得了诺言, 放得下一切…



















Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mission accomplish?

Today went pasar seni to buy my mom flowers (:
Happy belated mother's day! ♥♥♥♥
Thank you jia yong for accompanied me and amy for guiding me there :D
I bought her blue roses which are dyed. lols. not the pure blue one.
This bunch of flower costed RM25. It's not too expensive for me.
I put it on her table, tonight gonna surprise her. heheheeeee!
today was edu fair of my school. Looked for information about dentistry and pre-u.
I somehow feel damn hopeless in this career man.
It's like damn hard to get to chance to study also :/
Maybe I should think of another field..
Of course I will try my best to achieve what I am aiming.

ta daaa! :D

Bye bye!
Wish me gd luck with my studiess.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Few weeks ago I did blood test with my sisters.
Don't worry, it's just for purpose of body check-up. (:
At first I still thought it'll be damn fast but it's not on me T-T
The doctor couldn't find my green green nerve, he poked me three timesss!!!
no blood was sucked -.- wth. so he decided to get it from my palm.
after 2 mins like that, only 1/4 of my blood filled the syringe. ):
i was worrying myself. why i am abnormal from my sister =_=
Since the doctor says it's enough so I feel relief.
So I took my report on 30th of April night.
I can remember it because I was so tired after came back from leadership workshop.
Heh, just got a little bit problem. I am okay :]
I asked the doctor about erythrocytes and red blood cell in the report.
For your information, in our syllabus both of them are same.
Yeah, they are the same thing. Just because of different statement in chinese so the report came out like this. lols.
Before I left, he reminded about both of them are the same. HAHA. so cute.
Buddies, health is more important than wealth and everything.
Take good care of yourself (:
Happy mama's day to mommy, ILY.
sorry for didnt do anything special to you :/ i feel a bit useless..
but i still love you. mwah.

Monday, May 3, 2010


This suddenly come into my mind:
If I could back to the past like n years ago,
I would like to tell my parents:
"Daddy mommy, can I learn piano? I am interested in it."

Well, now it's like very hard for me to learn. =/ even the basic theories I also forgot. lols.
Heh, this is all out of random. :X
Today just got my new modem.
At first I was very happy because I didnt online for two - three days if not mistaken.
But now this modem doesnt make me happy because it keep on dc -_____- wtf.
What's wrong with streamyx. Why are you so suck, grrr.
If I'm a rich ass, I would like to smash it to floor for thousand of times. Go die la you. booo.
HEHEHE. BYE, have to continue my essay writing.